Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.  Have another question that’s not covered here?  Please contact us.

Do I have to start the online course on a certain date?

The Social Media for Business Online Course  is a 13 module course.  You can start any time and work through the lessons at your own pace.

How long will the online course take me?  How about each lesson?

From the date you sign up, you will have 3 months access to the online school as well as the Zestee Social Media School Online Support Group.  If you do not complete the course within the three months, you can purchase additional access monthly.

The amount of time each lesson will take varies between students.  Estimated times are given alongside each lesson description, but are around an hour.  The course is designed to be an introduction to each social media tool and does not go into great depth, though does give you resources for further study.  If you enjoy using a particular tool you may decide to spend several hours researching and learning more.  For others, you may only spend a half hour or so.  The course can be flexible to suit your needs.

I’m brand new to social media, is the Zestee Social Media School suitable for me?

Yes, online lessons and workshops have been prepared with beginners in mind.

I’m not a total beginner, is the Zestee Social Media School suitable for me?

Even if you are a more intermediate user, we’ve found that it can be useful to recap on the different social media tools as you can always learn something new.

I don’t have a business, is the Zestee Social Media School suitable for me?

It has been designed with micro/small/medium business owners in mind or you may be considering starting a business.  If you are not an entrepreneur, you can still learn many useful social media skills in this course, though some sections may be less relevant.  We are looking at a future course on social media for individuals and other specific groups (such as not for profits), so if you are interested in more information, please contact us.

Do you give discounts?

Our pricing structure is to offer you the lowest possible price to begin with.  However if you sign up for multiple services or refer friends or colleagues, we would like to thank you with a small discount.  Please contact us for your coupon code.  There are also some community groups or not for profit organisations that are issued with coupon codes.  Enter these in your cart checkout for your discount.

Who is the trainer/facilitator for the Zestee Social Media School?

Renee Veldman-Tentori has written the majority of the content in the Zestee Social Media School and facilitates most of the online and face to face classes.  You can also connect with Renee on LinkedIn to learn more about her background.  Other social media specialists have also contributed to the course including Molly Quell and Kelly Burstow and we are working on new lessons with guest trainers.

Can I pay in US/Australian Dollars, British Pounds, or any other currency?

Zestee is a registered business in The Netherlands.  Therefore prices on this site are in Euros, but on checkout you can select PayPal which will convert your payment into your local currency.  The nature of the course being online means it is suitable for students all around the world.

 When can I start?

Please browse the services and select and pay for your chosen service/s.  Upon receipt of payment, you will be granted access with your own login to the website for the online course, or for other services such as a strategy session, we will contact you to confirm a mutually convenient time.

How do I log in?

Once you have added the course to your cart, checked out and payment has been processed, you will receive an email and be able to log in.  Click on the link for a  video that will show you exactly how:
Logging in to the ZSMS